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Music Licensing

Amurco believes in delivering and acquiring the best content from all over the world. That’s why you’ll only find world class tracks in Amurco’s extensive music library, comprising of music from highly gifted composers, Grammy winners, nominees and Hall of Fame artists. Our music library is current host to over 60,000+ tracks with PRS/PPL licence free (Royalty Free) options across almost every style and genre. All the tracks in Amurco’s music catalogue are pre-cleared worldwide and available to broadcast across all media platforms including TV, Film, Gaming, Commercials and in-store music.

  • 60,000+ tracks & counting!

  • Cleared worldwide

  • Flexible licensing

  • All in the cloud!

  • Cost effective.


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Music Consultancy

Similarly to a restauranteur passionately pairing the best wine with your meal, our music experts match the right tracks with your project. Our team has its finger on the pulse of current, past and up-and-coming trends in the world of music. Need to have the rights cleared for your soundtrack? Our team has links with the world’s biggest publishers and labels so we can ensure your music is cleared, leaving you to focus on doing what you do best.  Get in touch to see how our consultants can breathe life into your project.

In-Store Music

Amurco is one of the industry’s key players when it comes to in-store background music content. We currently provide Royalty Free background music to over 10,000+ stores across Europe, Asia, and South America reaching millions of people on a daily basis. In-Store atmosphere is key when attempting to boost sales and customer browsing times. Here at Amurco, we understand music and the profound effect it has on your customers. Click Here to see an article our music experts were asked to write for the lovely people at A1 Retail Magazine.

Our Work

Sync MusicBroadcasting Globally

Amurco continues to drive great musical success across all major broadcast networks including; NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, Fox and many more…

Music Consultancy
Making The Right Choices

We build lasting relationships and continue to work with global brands including; McDonalds, Jimmy Choo, Subway, Virgin Media & Hackett.

In-Store Music
Perfect Playlists

Designing music profiles is our speciality, now doing our thing thoughout 10,000+ stores we really know our business.

Music & BrandsWhatever The Genre

Whatever the audience, whatever the style, we find the perfect music to represent your brand identity.

Music Marketing
Engaging New Audiences

Working with global brands we find new ways to engage audiences through the power of music and music users.

Royalty Free Music
Direct Licensing

We also offer royalty free and directly licensed music giving you the flexibility to licence our music directly, offering you commercial savings when necessary.
We build lasting relationships

Meet some of the Amurco team…

It’s a privilege to work with such an amazing team and a wealth of talented writers and producers.

Joel WintersHead of Content

We aim to plug the gap between music creators & music users, providing both with an easy, reliable and thoughtful service.

Ramin BostanMarketing Manager

Looking at music objectively is a skill that requires practice, and we’ve really mastered it.

Max BradshawMusic Profiler

We started the company with a handful of quality tracks and a vision - I’m so proud of how far Amurco has come in helping music creators and providing professional music consultancy for international brands.

Peter MurphyDirector

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