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Our Services

Music Licensing

Over 70,000 quality tracks ready for broadcast, adverts, films & games. Directly licensed or rights managed, leaving you in control.

Music Consultancy

We’re experts in music – find out how our music consultants can breathe life into your projects.

In-store Music

Recognise the importance of your brand identity through memorable musical atmospheres crafted for your audience by our team of experts.



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Sync Music

Amurco work with some of the biggest agencies to sync your music for TV, film, radio and gaming globally.

Playlist Music

Our programmers work with some of the biggest names in streaming to get our artists music featured in the best playlists on the best platforms.

Mastering Services

Amurco offers a professional, affordable mastering service to make sure your music has that broadcast quality.



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“Where words fail, music speaks.”
– Hans Christian Andersen

Our Work

Sync MusicWhatever the genre

Amurco works as the trusted music partner for various Supervisors, Production Companies, Broadcasters and Ad Agencies internationally to secure top quality placements across all media for our talented music creators.

Music Consultancy
Making the right choices

Pairing the right music with your project is an art-form that takes care. We ensure that every track selection is perfectly matched and thoughtfully placed. We will listen to you and your team to make certain that your project sounds the best it can.

Our ClientsBuilding lasting relationships

In-Store Music
Perfect Playlists

Find out how Amurco’s music boffins can create a truly memorable in-store atmosphere for your customers and staff. We take factors like consumer psychology, brand image, ethos and demographic into consideration when building your bespoke, branded playlist.

Our Intuitive music search platform;

All the best music, waiting to be uncovered…