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In-app purchases are increasing in correlation with the growth of music service applications. According to Billboard for the first time, music streaming applications from Pandora, Spotify and Apple were amongst the leaders in app revenue for August 2014. App Annie, an app analytics company that tracks, analyses and highlights trends, released the app ranking list which saw all three music service companies placed within the top 10 of all non-game apps.

Pandora placed No. 2 on the iOS and Google Play charts. Spotify was ranked at No. 7 again on the iOS and Google Play charts jumping up 10 places . Apple with Beats Music placed No. 9 on the iOS charts moving up 2 spots with the music service performance of Beats Music app.

Apple have recently been under fire due to rumours of their plans to shutdown Beats Music. Representatives from Apple have stated that a report by TechCrunch on the shut down of Beat Music was “Simply not true”. A source told Billboard that the company “is fully committed to offering a subscription service, though changes to any existing product are always a possibility”. Back in May 2010, the music service LaLa shut down after being bought by Apple the December beforehand.

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